For decades Special Councils have been appointed to protect the people—unveiling the truth. However, President Trump threatens to use executive privilege to edit the report from the Special Counsel—leaving out damaging parts of the report—information that is imperative to the well-being of American Citizens.

      Executive Privilege is the privilege of the President to withdraw information from the public eye . Currently, President Trump is threatening to withdraw information of the Mueller report from not only the American Citizens, but congress. Robert Mueller III, the Special Council, was appointed to protect the American Citizens ensuring that their leaders are truthful and honest. However, when a President withdraws information from the public it undermines the scrupulous efforts of the Special Council.

     Although Presidents argue that they have the sacred right to withdraw information from the public eye, no where in the United States Constitution does it mention Executive Privilege. In the early seventies President Nixon was ordered to release the White House tapes by the Supreme Court, in suspicion of his involvement in Watergate. However, the Supreme Court did not mentioned executive privilege in their decision.

       Both the Constitution and the Supreme Court have never or do not directly mentioned executive privilege. However, when the senate judiciary sued Nixon for the White House tapes their case didn’t even get to the appeals court. Moreover, it took the will of the people to get the case to the Supreme Court, indicating that the lower courts consider executive privilege to be a right granted to the President.

       Trump is engulfed in an unprecedented saga of lies and propaganda surrounding Russia collusion and various other federal crimes. Recently, Michael Cohen testified on behalf on Trump’s churlish character, revealing documents, which show the innermost workings of the Trump Organization and Trump himself. Trump has committed obstruction of justice by firing both James Comey and Andrew Mccabe, tax fraud, and numerous federal and state offenses. By withholding this document Trump would so blatantly be ignoring the will of the people, setting a dangerous precedent for the use of executive privilege.

        The United States is a country of justice—a country made by and for the people. When a president denies the people of their fundamental right to view the findings of the Special Council, they are no longer adequate to be President. Executive Privilege blatantly goes against most every United States statue and principal. The United States stands for justice, not injustice, equality, not inequality, and honesty, not fibbing. Executive Privilege is not a debatable matter, it’s an argument between right and wrong—an argument between the will of the people and obtuse politicians.