It was Tuesday night, I was on hour two of doing my homework. I hadn’t even started studying for the social studies test I had the next day, which was going to take at least another hour. Then, I had to spend time working on my national history day project. I could have spent time with my family or even my friends but instead I end up missing my religion class that I only have once a week. The fact that i had to miss it to work on school work is just mind blowing, but it wasn’t the first time. I came to the conclusion that I had way too much school work to do, but was I the only one?

Schools don’t realize how much time students are spending on their work, it’s just too much. Students are spending time doing work while they could be spending time with their family, participating in extra curricular activities, or simply spending time with their friends. However, because of the work teachers are giving to their students, all they are doing is that work. Sometimes we aren’t even able to do the homework, or we’re sick and we are expected to do the homework, it’s not always easily understood. But some teachers continue to penalize students for not having an extra hour after school to write an essay or do math homework that they don’t understand.

The homework we are given isn’t even giving the students a better chance to have higher grades. In the article, “Should Schools Be Done With Homework?” by National Education Association (NEA) Today, it states, “Researchers at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education found in a 2012 study that math and science homework didn’t correlate to better student grades,” This quote clearly illustrates how the homework teachers are giving isn’t even helping students’ grades or keeping them from doing poorly on tests. Teachers may think that homework will vastly affect the test scores of students or how they work in class, but that’s not exactly how it works. Putting in an extra hour of studying, on top of the hours of school work we do, will more likely help us improve than doing extra work. We are expected to paradigm the homework, every night, but we don’t necessarily have the time.

Let’s talk about how homework in schools is not only negatively impacting students, but the parents too. Students come home from school just to do more work, but what if they have a question? Not all children can look to their parents or get in contact with their teachers. The parents spend time with their children not only trying to understand, but trying to help their child with the mountains of homework they have. It ends up making the parent frustrated, and sometimes it ends up in parents and students getting into a argument. Parents come to the conclusion that students aren’t paying attention, but that’s not the case.

There are many ways to solve this issue. Schools just have to be able to communicate among staff, parents, and district wide schools. It’s fair if teachers give small amounts of work to remind students of what happened in class, but we don’t have time to go home, go to sports, and write an essay. Schools need to understand that we, the students, merely need a break from work. Students don’t want to go home and do more work. We need time to play sports, hangout with our family, and maybe even go to extra help.

Photo Courtesy the University of San Francisco 


  1. I agree with this. A few times when I had too much homework I either fell asleep at my desk still doing it, went to bed and finished in the morning, or ended up staying awake till 11:00 or MIDNIGHT just doing it. Homework isn’t necessary. It just shows that you understand it. It’s not helping to learn. Studying does that.

  2. Here’s how I think about it. You get home from school, (so you’ve been doing work for 7+ hours,) and suddenly you have to spend several extra hours doing homework. For some people, homework can take even longer. If you add this to the school time, it might add up to 12 hours on some days… THAT”S HALF THE TIME IN THE DAY SPENT DOING WORK!!