We as a society live in a world of technology. These technological advancements are a
blessing, yet it is also a curse that ruins our way of life. Almost everyone has an electronic device like
a phone or a iPad, and we may not be thinking whether or not there are risks to this. By agreeing to
the terms given to you on your electronic device, you are practically giving up your privacy.
There were many times when electronics have helped solve crime cases by giving investigators
information on what it heard or what it may have recorded at the time of the crime. For example,
back in 2014 there had been a murder case, and the police were able to find devices in the house of
the victims, giving them recordings and videos of what it had seen during the time
(Will Alexa Take the Witness Stand?, NYPost). By doing this, investigators were able to have enough evidence to prove that the suspect was guilty and to convict them of murder.

Imagine your conversations being recorded and stored; everything you say so long as you’re close to a certain device. It is constantly listening. Another problem people face are cameras everywhere you go. You can see cameras either in a store or outside of a building. Cameras are hard not to see when living in a technologically advanced age. They are supposedly used to help prevent crimes from happening. However, people have found out that the My Friend Cayla doll was susceptible to being hacked because of it having Bluetooth, enabling it to connect to the internet (Erickson, 2017).¬†We have accomplished
so much, and our technology has made our lives so much easier, yet it has deceived us, making us
blind to what is really going on.