It was all but a typical March afternoon—the President was preparing for his flight back to Washington after spending the weekend in Mar-a-Lago, White House staffers were preparing for a report that would make-or-break the Trump presidency, and Attorney General William Barr was finishing up a report, which would define the political landscape.

     On March 22, 2019, Special Counsel Robert Mueller III submitted a report to Attorney General William Barr, marking the end to a two-year probe into Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. Since the early days of the Trump Presidency he has been accused of colluding with Russia to win the presidency, as well as obstructing justice by firing former F.B.I director James Comey.

     Shortly following the submission of the report, on March 24, 2019 the Attorney General, William Barr, sent a letter to Congress and the American people with his principal conclusions of the report. While not exonerating the President, the report explicitly stated that no evidence had been found of collusion, as well as there not being enough evidence to prosecute the president for obstruction of justice. These conclusions lead Trump to claim total vindication saying, “the American people have won today,” claiming that this “witch hunt” was an unlawful investigation into himself and his actions by the Democrats.

     Before being appointed to his newfound position, Barr had written a 15 page memo on why the Special Counsel shouldn’t exist in the first place, making his report extremely biased and partial. According to a New York Times source, “the Mueller report may be more damaging to Trump then Barr indicated.” Although the letter explicitly stated that this report did not exonerate the president the attorney general essentially vindicated the President making this seem like a total win for the president.

       However, although this investigation may be more damaging to Trump than originally indicated, the special council is a lifelong Republican who never intended on indicting the President. While many Democratic and Republican congressman and women portrayed Mueller as the man to take down Trump, exposing a series of lies and propaganda, aimed at obstructing justice, exploiting government policies, and unjustly profiting in illegal business schemes. However, Robert Mueller III may not be the man he was portrayed to be.

         Although the letter released by the AG doesn’t hint at indicting the President, the special council still indicted numerous Trump campaign officials who collided with Russia and took part in a myriad of illegal tax and money laundering schemes, reassuring the American people of the collusion that took place between the Trump campaign and the Russian Federation.

      It is absolutely imperative that this report is released, as democracy depends on checks and balances system. If all congress can get to decide if our president is worthy of knowing the nucleur codes is a heavily biased letter, we are not a true democracy. It is not optional, rather integral. It is not a privilege for Democrats and Republicans alike to be able to view the report, rather a basic right granted to them by our ingenious system of checks and balances.

      Even if this report ends up marking a tragic loss for the Presidents opposition, it is can be widely regarded as a dangerous thing for the Trump, as it gives democrats to focus on their policy for the 2020 election. Aiding the race against potus in what will be a record breaking election. The election of hopes and dreams.

     However, perhaps the greatest way to save the American people of the malicious and horrid policies of the President, which have fostered a new era of racial segregation and social injustice is through a democratic election. In the ingenious words of FDR, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education” (Franklin D. Roosevelt). The American people must immerse themselves in the news, reading all sources to form an opinion, thereby educating themselves on our political matters, arming themselves with the most dangerous tool of all…knowledge. Nothing can defeat knowledge, not propaganda, not violence, and not ill-advised policies. To protect our sacred democracy from the perils of our society, Americans must rise above our dire circumstances, educating themselves and rising above the problems that grip us in Washington.