I know the drill before a teen will actually go to sleep. They will stare at their phone for an hour, then scroll through Instagram looking at their Snapchat, watch some Youtube, then watch 1 whole series of their favorite shows on Netflix.
However, it is so important for teens to get their sleep. For example, according to the National Sleep Association, the lack of sleep in teens can “Limit your ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems. You may even forget important information like names, numbers, your homework or a date with a special person in your life.” Evidently, those late nights and not enough sleep are going to cost the average teen more than some dark circles. It’s important to keep in mind how this epidemic is a cause and effect on the type of situation. For example, since the lack of sleep can affect your memory and make it harder for your brain to function, it also takes a toll on school life!
School life and teens are already a difficult combination. So when adding less sleep to the mix, you can only imagine the effects on school life and grades. For example, the University of Utah health center revealed that “Overtired kids work more slowly because it’s hard for them to remember what the teacher just told them or what they just read. Their brains have a harder time focusing, even interfering with the formation and recall of long-term memories. When kids are sleep-deprived their brains actually lapse into sleep-like brainwave patterns, which is why tired kids space out during class.” Meaning, the fewer students focus, the lower the grades. This is terrible because some teen students even with sleep forget about things because of their busy life.
To conclude, students need their sleep! Especially teens. So, next time, before reaching for a smart device, book, or anything that involves anything but sleeping, think about your health and well-being that’s on the line.

Photo Credit: Medical Daily