You have officially made school a prison. Some of my teachers gave out candy as a reward when we got a question right, and now that isn’t allowed. At least make an exception for rewards. It’s ridiculous. With the no-IPads rule, this, and ignoring the petition I gave you to open the outdoor paths, you have made this school a prison. So gee thanks for ruining something that made school fun.
Another matter that I mentioned: ignoring the petition. You aren’t even trying to make it happen when you probably know it should. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling us we can’t have any fun in class.
At least make an exception for giving out candy as a reward. It makes classes more entertaining.
You probably don’t know what you’ve killed, so I’m letting you know on behalf of the teachers and my fellow students.
Please make an exception for the candy rewards.
If you do, thank you.
If you don’t…
School for us will be like a prison with all these confines.
We need at least one thing, like candy rewards, to keep up competition and fun and enthusiasm in school.


  1. I do not like this rule, but it was put in for a reason. While you may see no reason to have this rule implemented, there are students that may have severe allergies to certain foods. The school doesn’t want to risk having a medical emergency, even if it means upsetting those who don’t have allergies. You can have candy and other foods any other time you want.