This is an unprecedented time—a time of righteous and lucid despair. This is the time of a defying president, who looks at laws merely as a line in children’s coloring book, waiting to be drawn over. He sees the law as a mere guideline, rather than a code which he is obliged to abide by.

     Trump has tested our Constitution, seeing weather a centuries old country can whether the test of time. Trump has tested the power of the presidency, pushing the threshold of tyranny, as he has repeatedly denied to give congress the documents, which they have requested. Trump has denied Congress of their constitutionally mandated responsibility. He has constantly imposed on justice, stopping innocent American’s around the country from receiving deserving the justice they not only deserve but demand. 

       President Trump has prevented his aids and staff from testifying before congress in regards to his threatening to fire the special counsel, an unprecedented decision with incredible implications. The notorious president, as outlined by the impartial-Republican Special Counsel, Robert Mueller III, likely committed obstruction of justice ten times. Howver, not only has he personally denied Americans and congressmen and women their righteous pursuit of justice, but he has hired people who have a blatant disrespect for the position, as William Barr, whose responsibility is to ensure justice to all American Citizens has done nothing but defend the president, an amicable act, which proves to be an aberration, as the Attorney General does not historically seemingly vindicate the President when the Special Counsel so clearly presents evidence of a crime.

    It appears that we have reached a time where the distraught conclusions of our Federal Government don’t match the plethora of evidence outlined in the Special Counsel’s two year investigation.  Prosecutors from across the country agree that our President is guilty of committing one of the crimes outlined in the Articles of Impeachment for Richard Nixon, Obstruction of Justice. Not only does the Special Counsel, who believes that a President cannot be indicted, not agree with the conclusions outlined in Barr’s four page summary, but Prosecutors as well. As Thomas Paine said, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” Although one can argue that impeaching Donald Trump would be a mistake for the democratic caucus, many have difficulty understanding that a President  who is so blatantly guilty of a heinous crime can maintain his position in the Oval Office. 

      The Republican Party, which has shown utmost loyalty to the President, has started to express their personal political beliefs as well as their constitution responsibility, as senator Justin Amash has stated that from reading the Mueller report he gathered that: “Trump committed impeachable conduct.” We have a sacred responsibility as leaders of the free world to protect justice and those who seek it. Although America’s history is riddled with injustice and prejudice it is time that we seek justice, protecting the lives of countless Americans and clearing a path to democracy for people far and near. We must rise above the politics and fulfill our sacred duty as American Citizens, unveiling the truth.