We are living in an unprecedented time–a time defined by constant political sagas and turmoil. We live in a society stripped of its core democratic values and ideals. It is time of constant uncertainty in or leaders, both democrat and republican, as we have reached a global stalemate. From the United Kingdom and Brexit to the United States and Donald Trump we live in a polarized world where people ask weather one is a liberal or a conservative, not if one is a centrist. We live in a world on the brink of war, waiting for the one spark to ignite the fire. However, despite these trying hardships there is hope, as there are people and politicians who aspire to make this world a better place, people who aspire to make a home for everyone. From Angela Merkel to Nancy Pelosi there is a chance for us to reach yen, but it is up to us, the people, to the use our solemn and scared power to vote, electing the right leader. This innate privilege is what has lead me to start a new series, Profiles In Politics, which aims at providing people with the truth on our politicians. A series developed to inform and benefit Generation Z, our generation, the generation of the future.


  Pete Buttigieg

     This is an unprecedented time in human existence—a time of uncertainty, as long standing ideals and precedents are changed and broken. This is a time that, as Thomas Paine once wrote, “tries men’s souls.” We live in a time that requires a new leader to take our nation into the new era. We need a leader who will bring us yen. We need Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

      Unprecedented times call for unprecedented leaders. Mayor Pete would be the first mayor to be elected to the Oval Office, as well as the first openly gay president. Although Pete Buttigeg’s ideals may reflect a progressive and liberal persona; however, he embodies the spirit of the whole country, as he represents the conservative-industrial-town of South Bend Indiana. Mayor Pete attended Harvard University before receiving the Rhodes Scholarship and attending Oxford University. He also served as a United States Naval Reserve officer in Afghanistan.

    Not only is Buttigieg highly credited, as he has served in the United States military and attended Oxford University, but Buttigieg supports policy which would lead America into a new just era of democratic equality. Buttigieg supports granting universal healthcare to all American citizens, providing everyone with a chance to receive the healthcare they deserve, upholding the constitution and making sure that all people in the United States are equal, and thereby everyone has access to good an adequate healthcare, abetting efforts to bring justice to those seeking necessary surgeries and medications.

Buttigieg, who worked as an investigative journalist out of college, promises to bring transparency to the American People. He promises to fight for the people, listening to them and bringing forth new policy, which reflects the will of the people. Buttigieg promises to create a new Washington, one which values everyone, from ethnic minorities to the majority voices of our past.

It is integral that we come to develop a new system of democracy, one that can weather the democratic debate, setting forth a new democracy, which relies on the voices of the people. Buittigeg promises to bring gun reforms, background checks, universal healthcare, protecting DACA, and abolishing the electoral college. It is time for people to use their voices to make change, influencing our democracy and breaking the global stalemate. it is time that we as a nation immerse ourselves in information, making informed decisions and proving Winston Churchill wrong when he said: “the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter” (Churchill). Democracy starts with the people, for the only thing that will bring us change is ourselves– not Donald Trump or Theresa May, but us.