It was May Second, 2019–Michael Bennet, a prominent Colorado Democrats and United States Senator had announced his bid for the 2020 democratic convention. This Presidential election, the democratic caucus is home to a diverse group of democrats, from entrepreneurs to senators to representatives, there are many different democrats, setting the stage for an inter-party conflict. Setting the stage for one Democrat to emerge victorious, taking the 2020 democratic nomination and taking on Trump. However, this edition focuses on just one of the many candidate, an experienced senator with a dynamic and versatile background, Michael Bennet.

    Currently, President Trump lacks integral political experience, which has set the stage for an international stalemate. From trade wars to a blatant disrespect for his constituency, Trump’s lack of political experience has led to the downfall of a once prized democracy; however, Michael Bennet brings new hope to our distraught system and society, as he has done everything from clerking for judges and senators, to serving as Superintendent of the Denver school district, to being a senior senator in Colorado. Bennet, who was raised in Washington D.C, was born into a political family, as both his father and grandfather served as aides to past American Presidents and Congressman, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32).

    Michael Bennet vows to work on behalf of the American people, being sure to uphold his Oath of Office in further investigations into the President of the United States; however, he wishes not to impeach the President without substantial evidence, preventing a political gain for the President and a catastrophe for the democratic cause.

   The United States was founded as a safe haven for immigrants fleeing domestic violence and persecution—a place where no one is treated differently based on their religion or personal beliefs. The United States was founded with the very idea that students are safe in schools. Today, a crisis is a gripping our democracy. People are being stripped of their core democratic rights not only as American citizens but as humans. Both Bennet’s Mother and Grandparents were Holocaust survivors. They survived perhaps one of the greatest atrocities in human history; however, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges they faced during and after the Holocaust they were able to find hope in American, knowing that they had entered a safe haven where they could rebuild there broken lives. Today, as Michael Bennet proclaimed in his CNN town hall, Anti-Semitism is gripping America and Europe, once again killing innocent people in places of worship, stripping them of their basic rights as a human being.

    For years people of color have been disproportionately attacked and killed because of the color of their skin. During his tenure as Chief of Staff under them Denver mayor, John Hickenlooper, Bennet held community meetings with the intent of increasing oversight in the police department. Bennet, alongside his constituency where able to create a new police department, which reflected the vox populi, making sure that no innocent American is killed due to Police Brutality. People don’t trek thousands of miles to come to a country where they will be killed because of the color of their skin or the language that they speak, they walk thousands of miles because of the prospect of being an American. They trek the thousands of miles to come to America, a country where everyone should have a voice and life in society, something which Bennet aims to insure.

       Currently, the United States is facing a healthcare crisis. It was just months ago that Michael Bennet was diagnosed with prostate cancer, months ago that he had received treatment costing over eight-thousand dollars. Something, that as Bennet mentioned, would have put him in financial ruin, threatening his financial stability had he not had healthcare. Today, there are millions of American citizens who do not have access to healthcare, which is why Bennet not only supports, but demands universal healthcare; however, he does not support punitive efforts by fellow candidate Bernie Sanders to eliminate private insurers, as that would wipe out a whole sector of the American economy. Furthermore, Bennet reminded all those watching that if he hadn’t had a primary care doctor, he would not be running for President, as he would not have known that he had cancer, which is why he believes it is integral that a universal healthcare system grants people access to primary care.

        The American democracy was founded on the pillars of education. We are a country, which has reaped the benefits of education, from economic prosperity to increased social welfare, education has been at the fire of the American success story. Given that Michael Bennet was the superintendent of the Denver school district he understands that teachers across the country are underpaid and overworked. In Fact he not only understand but demands that we modernize a nineteenth century system, which pays less than acceptable wages, as woman had no choice but to become a teacher or a nurse. Therefore, putting in standards for wages, which don’t support the value of teachers in our government and society. As Bennet has said, we must put measure into place, which make it so one does not have to sacrifice financial stability to go to college. We must put measure into place to improve our school infrastructure, making sure that air conditioners, boilers, as well as other equipment is always working in our schools.

    When posed with the question: what would your first three phone calls be as President of the United States? Bennet said that he would call our allies in Europe reminding them of our country integral alliances and partnerships, ending the global stalemate and diplomatic battles that President Trump has created. Amidst the amounting anti-semitism, Bennet would call the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to remind him of our support of the Israel and its cause. Although these phone calls are impetigo to our foreign relationships, perhaps the most important phone call he would make would be to Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, as well as other Middle-American nations, inviting them to Washington D.C, helping to bring stability and an end to the domestic violence and persecution that has caused our current refugee crisis.

     This column will only provide its readers with informative information on our elected officials and candidates; however, it is up to those reading to interpret the information in this article and make change. Michael Bennet has called upon the American people to make change in our distraught system, bringing partisanship to Washington and equality to all Americans in a time defined by constant political sagas and turmoil. However, Bennet who entered the race a mere three weeks ago will not meet the requirements for the first June debate, of having above sixty-five-thousand unique donors and being consistently above one percent in polls, without people’s help. It is up to the American citizens to ultimately be the change they seek, taking this information and choosing someone fit with the task of leading the free world.