The great adversaries of our society—communism and capitalism. A silent war between the worlds greatest powers and a flawed ideologies. On July first, nineteen-ninety-seven, Hong-Kong was handed over from the United Kingdom to China. From the pillar of democracy and the epitome of freedom, to a country, which murdered hundreds of innocent protesters in Tienanmen Square.

    China’s history is riddled with oppression, communism and the ineffable denial of freedom to its citizens. For years, China has supported communist regimes, including the Kim dynasty, which murdered thousands of citizens simply because of their lack of loyalty. Hong Kong has thrived as the capitalist hub of Asia, providing as a catalyst for future growth in the region; however, communist China is constant,y impeding on its right to be autonomous for fifty years, as they have proposed bills, which would allow for the extradition to mainland China, something protesters were assaulted for protesting just days ago.

     As Americans, we believe that it is our sacred duty to protect democracy and freedoms around the globe. It is our sacred duty to ensure that everyone in every corner of the globe lives under a government, which allows them to speak their mind—we must, along with countries across the world rise above the need for strategic partnerships with countries that deny people of their innate rights as Human beings. We must partner with the free states of the world, each have abet development from the United States to the United Kingdom.

     This weeks protest were akin to the ineffable acts committed at Tienanmen Square, where the people’s Liberation Army of China killed thousands of student demonstrators during a pro-democracy protest. While trade wars and economic sagas will never help the United States forge a path through the future, as factories will become automated, we have the ability to protect the world from acts, which eviscerate the sacrifices men and women made across the globe to protect our free establishment; however, we can not combat these problems if no one knows they exist, over the last two weeks there have been violent government retaliations to a non-violent pro-democracy demonstration in Sudan. These acts, from the more widely-known Hong Kong among protest earlier this week, to the lesser-know crisis in Sudan must to be taught to students, employees, and people from all walks of life.

     We must educate ourselves about the problems that grip mankind, preventing the world from future sagas and World Wars. It is time that we learn about the problems that are not in the news everyday. The issues that tyrants and generals don’t want the people to know about, the times that man is supposed to ignore and pass on as just part of life. We must remember both sides of our nation, the notorious and the glorious, while preventing the world from future perils and punitive actions from our adversaries.