When Charles Dickens wrote his infamous book, A Tale of Two Cities, he likely wasn’t thinking about the stark diffrences of the World’s societies or the two greatest economic producers, the United States and China; however, despite his harrowing tale being a story of utter love, his ingenious words so blatantly illustrate the divides between eastern and western civilization.

While China and the United States share a myriad economic similarities, they are on two different poles. It is not just diffrences between language, skin color, or geography, they are divided politically and philosophically. The two countries teach the heirs to their future different ideals, sin the United States people are taught the value in being proactive, making a difference, the sheer thought that one day someone of any ethnicity may reach yen, no matter the trying unjust obstacles in his/her way is an idea foreign to eastern civilization. While American and weastern civilization may be riddled with paradox and hipocracey, there is always a chance to reach the the summit of the world’s most unforgiving political atmosphere.

In China, students aren’t taught to advocate for human rights or yen. They are taught the most basic principle of the essence of being human, survival. They are taught not to protest dictatorship, but to accept it. They are taught to protect their family instead of greatly improving the lives of their family and the rest of society. If they witness bullying they are not taught to be the up-standers that American civilization rewards rather the by-standees. They live in a world where the goal is not for esteemed success, it is not for democcra, it is for survival–a world where life centers arepinf the simplest and most banal goal of man survival.

A benevolent dictatorship shall prove as the epitome for illustrating the stark polarization between the two societies. In China, many citizens would be satiated with a benevolent dictatorship, which provides good Human rights, sketching with is rather similar to their current situation, given that their are noti term limits for e officials in their corrupt and churlish government. They are taught not to protest, afraid that if they where to even think about democracy they would be murdered,as there comrades were in the Tiannemen Square protest.

In America, there is no such thing as a benevolent dictatorship with tolerable human rights. This is a society built upon the very idea that people protest for what it is that they believe in. Even if such a dictatorship provided people with human rights considered to be good by all United Nations standards they would be inherently bad, as the one sole thing most important to Ameeicans is their voices, we study what will make our speaking and writing most effective, so we can enrich lurkers suasion and debate skills–the essence of Weastwrn society.

Americans are not silenced nor are they taught to be satisfied, rather to always protest, which is why I write of not A Tale of Two Cities, but of a tale of two countries. For it was democracy and dictatorship. It is inevitable that would day these stow civilzations will go to war–it is inevitable that they will endure a perilous battle; however, in the event that one group of magistrates or dictators emerges victorious, they will not be able to impose their system on the other. The easterners will find themselves lost in a maze of visceral and optimistic thought, while the westerns will find the,selves suffocating in their own silence. To avoid this very tragedy, both cultures must learn to be accepting of the other pole, they must learn to respect others systems, p matter how disastrous they feel, to prevent the suffocating of their countryman and civilization. In light of great tragedy Westerners may be inclined to act on behalf of easterners do to a “human rights violation;” however, it is important to reimburse that no two lens are identical. The world is the host of perception, and one society may just be fine wilt the grave influence of another.