We want you!


The Viking Voice is looking for young writers eager to share their insight with the world–writers who are interested in sharing articles, creative writing endeavors, memoirs, etc. Any articles and all forms of writing are welcomed.

     The Viking Voice should serve as a vehicle to express oneself, for its very essence is to give you a voice–a chance to be heard by a society, which is constantly condemning your opinions and voices. 

     We encourage people of all beliefs and all walks of life to share their stories, for we want the world to hear you. Please share your experiences from this past summer with the rest of the school, as well as all other viewers. People are welcome to submit their works of writing both anonymously or with a by-line.

       I write these paragraphs and these words not with the sole purpose of encouraging you to write for the Viking Voice, but to encourage you to exercise the civil liberties and personal freedoms bestowed upon you. Submit to the Viking Voice not just for you, but to fulfill your civic duty.


How to submit to the Viking Voice?


  1. Go to the Viking Voice Website (nsmsvikingvoice@northshoreschools.org).


  1. Press the Sign-In icon in the top right corner of the website.


  1. Click on either sign up with google or make an account (if you already have an account please sign in and skip this step).


  1. Click on the “add post” button.


  1. Paste the text in which you want published, (it is recommended that you use another writing application for writing an article, story, etc.).


  1. Click on the “save” button.


Viking Voice meetings are held every Wednesday in Room 102 starting at three o’clock.