Antonio Brown, former Steelers and Raiders wide receiver, is being accused of sexual assault in Southern Florida in 2017 and 2018.

 His accuser is 28 year old Brittany Taylor, who began working with Brown as his trainer in 2017. She claims she was attacked on 3 separate occasions, twice in 2017 and again last year.

“It was very exciting, to have this person interested in my work,” She says. “He acted like he trusted me and he let me do my thing.”

 Brown was on the Steelers and the Raiders as a wide receiver.
When he was let go by the Raiders, he joined the Patriots just days after. 

Once he joined a new team, everyone thought his days of doing bad things were over. 

In the past, he refused to wear his new helmet, skipped practices, had frostbite, and lots of other things. We were wrong. 

On Brittany’s second day, the atmosphere changed. While she was painting, she turned around just to see Brown naked with a towel. 

“Ms. Taylor had to relive the trauma of these events through this examination,” the lawsuit says. “The polygraph examination confirmed her completely truthful account.”

Being one of the best wide receivers in the NFL right now, there might not be a risk of him coming off the Patriots.

There are questions, though. Brown will probably get fined once again, with other consequences.