Challenges, quests, builds, and more. You can use Minecraft, Kerbal space program, Terraria, and more. These games make you use your creative side, and the sky’s the limit in this club. If you need help, you can ask others that might know more about the game, or what you’re trying to do. 

How can we make this happen?

If we ask our principal to add this gaming club to our school, this could be real. Whoever has an interest in this stuff can join. The high school has an Overwatch club. They play a game called Overwatch, and discuss strategy in the game. This club discusses strategy, how to get better at certain parts of the game, and maybe even how to make the game better. Our school has a coding club and a Lego robotics club, so why can’t Mr. Dennis add one so more people can be apart of a club?

What this club is about?

All of the clubs at North Shore Middle Schools have a certain agenda. But what if one club didn’t? In a club without an agenda, you could make your own project. You could make and play whatever you want in a game of your choice. You would have no time limits, all the time you need.

If you would like us to have a club like this, let us know by commenting below.