On Wednesday, September 18th, India officially announced a complete ban on all electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), not just flavored e-cigarettes as NYC and Israel have done.

India’s cabinet decided to immediately take action on this as it could greatly damage their young. We do not know the long-term effects. The Indian government is also making this serious, as people who disobey this ban will face up to a year in prison and a 100,000 rupees (roughly 1400 U.S. dollars) fine. This is a big deal for those who are now addicted as over 100 million adults vape in India. The country is also globally ranked second (right after China) for having the most smokers, and close to a million people die a year from tobacco related illness in India. 


Similar problems are being faced in our country as well. In the United States as of now 7 citizens have died of vaping illness. There hasn’t been enough time to do enough studies on this and the long-term effects. NYC has been taking similar actions as they recently banned all flavored vapes.

According to The New York Times 25% of people ages 12-16 have vaped in the United states

In the end vaping is a worldwide problem. I am not sure if banning is necessarily the right solution, as some still may be addicted. But we should have higher restrictions on the activity.


photo credit: Hawaii.gov



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