In today’s society, it is absolutely imperative to censor kids from harmful and inappropriate websites. Even with such an innate need for censorship in today’s society, when does censorship become too much? How should we decipher inappropriate content from education and entertainment?

I truly believe that our school’s blockage of sites is unjust, misunderstood, and sometimes just completely wrong. For example, the website Sporcle is a trivia website, which I have used  for many tests. In years prior, there had been no problem with using this website; however, the site is now blocked.

Another reason that our school “blockage” system is unjust can be found in its Youtube policy. Any video not classified as education, music, etc. is struck with in the blocked category, for this video is classified as (blank category). This is an absolutely horrible idea. Channels that are educational but put a comedic spin on learning are banned. Channels such as Oversimplified and Bill Wurtz are banned, for they are classified as comedy and entertainment.

I hope that you have chosen to read my full article, for if we all start speaking about this cruelty, we can most certainly change these unjust rules.


  1. I agree with this. OverSimplified is one of my favorite channels on YouTube, but I don’t like watching it on my phone’s small screen. I wanted to rewatch one of the videos, but low and behold, it was blocked because it was categorized as “entertainment.”

  2. I agree. I know the school wants to protect children from harmful websites or content, but some things on the computer that are blocked are not even close to inappropriate! Just because something is in the entertainment category doesn’t mean its not educational. For example, the video “Bouncing Seals.” it shows how seal transport themselves on land. and guess what, it is blocked! you will also find MANY videos blocked on yt.

  3. I believe this is true. I had to do something for Social Studies and it was blocked. I had to restart my chromebook to access the site. Only education and music videos are unblocked and it’s a pain. I also hate that other school districts like Carle Place have everything unblocked and i know kids have envy for them. So please put stuff unblocked.


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