Gender inequality: women have been facing it for centuries.

Gender inequality is a big problem all over the world. Women are forced to fit into very strict stereotypes. Women have fewer rights than men, which can make it harder to do some of the same things that men can do.

Women also have fewer opportunities than men, for example, when it comes to jobs and much more. On top of that women have less freedom and fewer opportunities than men in general.

We see gender inequality in school every day with schools dress codes. This gender inequality is detrimental to society.

According to stereotypes, women are the ones who cook, clean, dance, and sing. Some of society does not accept people who do not fit that role or stereotypes. ‘“You can’t do that… you’re a girl”’(Girls in Boyland 1). This shows a girl wanting to play tackle football but getting put down by society, but this does not stop girls from following their passion. They keep fighting.

Many girls would love the opportunity to play tackle football, but have probably been put down by society. “How many girls out there would want to play tackle football? Lots of hands shot up”(Henneberger 1). This shows many girls want to play tackle football but probably did not think they would ever be able to play because of stereotypes.


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