The cafeteria was a large room in the basement painted like an ocean, with fish and coral reefs and shipwrecks. My favorite part of the painting was in the corner next to the entrance which had the sunken Titanic surrounded by sharks.

       I sat at the table near the scuba divers in the back, that was labeled for my class, and started to talk to all my new classmates. I had a couple friends in my class. As the teachers began to show up to get their classes, my friends and I were trying to guess who Mrs. Scalzo was. 

     A young teacher walked up to my classes table and said, “Hi, my name is Mrs. Scalzo, and I am going to be your teacher this year.”

      In third grade, I didn’t have a very good sense of character, but I knew Mrs. Priolo was right and that I was going to really like Mrs. Scalzo.

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