Contemplating writing this year’s column, I found myself faced with a rather difficult question. Do I, as a High School Student write this column, or as per to the Washington Post slogan, do I  “ [let] democracy die in darkness.” While writing a column in a middle school newspaper may not save democracy, like many others I feel an innate need to both write and report in this time of great peril. For we are facing unprecedented adversity in these trying times.

      “Freedom, liberty, and justice for all”: A phrase which many seemed to have grown accustomed to saying day after day. An infamous phrase, given its paradoxical nature. For through the short history of the United States, there was never a time where the entire population could vote, where everyone had the freedoms the founding fathers thought “inalienable,” and the due process of law and justice.

       Today, we are facing the same peril as we faced over 200 years ago, for racial minorities are being targeted and scapegoated at an unprecedented rate. Police officers are using race as a pretext to kill innocent Americans.

        One may wonder how we shall go about solving these issues, which have been ailing mankind for centuries. I believe that we must start by agreeing on the facts. We must agree that our country is plagued with racial prejudice, that our president is in cahoots with foreign powers, and that our democracy is under siege. From the age of automation to newfound policies, we are facing a time like no other. It is these very facts enumerated above that should lead us to impeach Donald Trump.

     Donald Trump not only asked a foreign power to investigate his adversaries, as his Acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mullvany, proclaimed at a press conference recently, “That’s why we held up the money.” A blatant admittance to quid pro quo, as he had just earlier discussed the unsubstantiated allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump has not only used the White House for his own benefit, as seen in the July 25 call with President Zelensky of Ukraine, Trump has partaken in actions in which directly harm Americans and our allies.

     Recently, Donald Trump pulled 1,000 troops out of Northeastern Syria, something which directly followed a call with President Erdgon of Turkey. Such a blunder has caused not only the escape of 1,000 ISIS prisoners, it has essentially given Turkey the “green light” to partake in ethnic cleansing. However, such ramifications don’t stop at the genocide of our loyal allies, rather the fact that Russia, which had come to Syria the very day U.S troops left, now occupies the same region of Northeastern Syria as the United States did just days ago.

      To end this week’s column, I wish not to discuss the heinous crimes committed by our President, but rather the death of a respected figure in Washington, Elijah Cummings. Chairman Cummings was the son of sharecroppers, someone who went from penury to being one of the most senior members of congress. Chairman Cummings was not only an integral figure in the Impeachment Inquiry, he was someone who continuously fought for his constituency. For it is both men and women like Elijah Cummings that keep our democracy alive. For it is these people, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.


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