No sport ever clicked with me like swimming does. When I swim, it is like I’m in a whole other world and nothing else is going on around me.      

Swimming has changed me as a person. Everyone can swim in the ocean, at the beach or playing with your friends at the pool. There is a difference between swimming competitively and going to the pool every Saturday with family and friends. Not everyone can stand on the block and wait to hear, “Swimmers take your mark,” and  blast off the block as if there is a building on fire falling on the deck behind you. On the block, everything is crazy in your mind, like a tornado spinning around you. One second you hear all of you friends and your whole team cheering you on, but the next second is you and your thoughts making it to 1st place. 

This fall has been the hardest sports season mentally and physically that I have ever experienced. Every day, I know why I push myself to make it through the hard practices that I have had. The pool turned into my 2nd home this fall, and it’s been a lot on my plate. The people, the new friends, the laughs, and the memories I have made this season have changed me. This year was a big change for me because I was swimming up for Varsity.

 For a varsity team, it is not normal to have an 8th grader on it. To be an 8th grader on a varsity team, you need to take a test called the fitness test. This test has to be taken to see if you have the endurance and muscles to keep up with the older high school girls. Normally, 8th graders would play a sport at the middle school like soccer or field hockey. Some people in 8th grade can get pulled up to play with either the JV or Varsity teams in high school. The high school also offers sports that the middle school doesn’t.   

 Everyone was very nervous about the test and realized it could make or break our opportunity to play with the high school teams. This test was the first step in determining what our 8th-grade fall sport was going to be. Perhaps, in the moment, our nerves took over a little too much. However, in the end, we all realized we were physically and mentally able to succeed at this test and reach our goal. 


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