5:30 am: The water was choppy, and I was not comfortable fishing from a stand up paddle board, so I went to play b-ball. It was as early as a Sunday hockey game and in the prime heat days of summer, so I was just trying to throw the ball around till I got ready to eat. Then the day would officially start.

The game the day, the day I had to go home to Queens to have my first baseball playoff game of the season, and hopefully more,. and the ride was probably going to be very long because of traffic was bad, and my dad had to drive all the way from Greenport to Queens, New York.

It was just me and my dad in the truck on the way home. I was tired, but I could not sleep. We were talking in the car about how the game was going to go on. I was very hungry, so we stopped at a 7 11, and I got a lot of stuff. A yogurt an energy drink 3 Gatorade’s, 2 packs of sunflower seed hit the spot and the game I got ranch I always get ranch. The air condition was not working. I was in my baseball pants with a long sleeve shirt. I was dying. Like it would be the same to be in a sauna with a jacket a hat and gloves and snow pants the driving home.

My dad’s truck was very stuffy and my head was in pain. I was super nervous, and I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to sleep.

I felt trapped, and I could not get out. I felt very sick. I just want to get there and for the game to be over.

It’s not fun to do anything when you don’t feel, good and I could not play B-ball for sure. But I have committed and I liked it have to go and play good. I tried to snooze and I was successful at that but it was a very uncomfortable one my neck hurt because I looked like I was bending my head sideways and it was very painful. I woke up to the truck stopping and my dad telling me to wake up and get the bag from the trunk I was tired and lazy that day. I saw my team and they looked read I thought it was a good thing but the sun was just so bright and it was facing my direct way and it was so hard to see. I get a couple warm up balls and I felt ready to play in the game I remembered all the tips I have got and I was ready.


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