I think there should be a multi-sports club for 6th graders because 6th graders can’t do school sports. 

In a Multi-Sports Club, you do multiple sports throughout the year. You would do one sport every meeting. Every meeting could be once or maybe twice a week from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There would be a lot of sports that you could play at this club, and it would take place at the Middle School field. For example, you could use the baseball field for baseball, kickball, or whiffle ball. Another thing you can use is the football field to play football, and you can use the soccer field. Plus, sometimes you could go to the blacktop and play basketball. These are just some of the sports you can play. 

Another thing is that you could have so much fun at this club playing any sport you like. Also, if you don’t like a sport, you can choose any sport you want in this new club. I do intramural club for 6th graders as well, and all we do is play football or basketball and we only stay on the blacktop for the first 2 meetings so far. In my opinion, we can do better. We have this whole field that we can use, so we should have a multi-sports club. But every single meeting in this club will be at least 3 sports that you can play, maybe even more. but if you still don’t like any of the sports, you could just go to the next meeting.

Mr.Keenan says, “I was a part of the intramural program for sixth graders. The fellow coaches and I would sometimes take the 6th graders to the ice rink, and they had a lot of fun.” I know that Mr. Keenan is definitely right. We used to do so many things, but now we don’t do it anymore, so we don’t have fun anymore.

Mr. Dennis, Mr. Nelson, PTO, and any other people who are in charge of the clubs, this is why we should have  a multi-sports club. It is because every single 6th grader in this middle school deserves to actually have tons of fun at middle school.




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