Warning: This article includes graphic details and may not be suitable for all readers.

The power a signature provides is scary. I’m about  to tell you that you right now could win $20,000 for finishing a haunted house.  The Mckamey Manor is exactly that. 

Many of you guys will think this is easy money, I would too. The tour is based on torture. Some of the activities that may happen in this house to you are, getting an embarrassing tattoo, being forced to remove your own teeth and fingernails, getting shaved, being blindfolded, beaten, and water-boarded. If one feels hungry, no need to worry, they’ll force feed you live worms, rotten eggs, and your own vomit or waste.

How is this legal, or how do people set themselves up for this mess? You ask. Well, most people honestly don’t realize how cruel this can be. “You get a lot of people who think it’s going to be easy money,” Kris Smith, a 37-year-old Michigan native said in a USA Today article. Kris Smith had previously attempted to join, but he described the waiver as physically painful. He called it quits. Forty pages of waiver signing legalizes this tour, as it can confirm that you have a brief idea of what tortures you’ll be attacked with.

 Visitors who cannot take the unbearable torture anymore are allowed to say something embarrassing about themselves to let themselves be freed.  Most weekends the house tours a few people, challenging them to the full 8-hour tour. “Marines and fire fighters, cops and bikers, plumbers and clerks, housewives and beauticians – all have tried,” according to The Guardian. Yet no one has succeeded, out of thousands. The house is cruel. There is constant violence and endless torture involved. 

Russ Mckamey is the man that runs the tour, and he started this whole thing. He claims to live a “normal” life. He’s got kids and a wife and pets. A women named Christina Buster spent the last year “taunting” Russ and his colleagues. When she was going to do the tour, Russ Mckamey said in a Guardian article, “I’m going to tear that girl apart,” says Russ, indignant. “I’ll drag her by her bald head. No one is leaving with eyebrows today.” The Manor also has rules individuals are prohibited from any drugs and cursing. 

The internet has a lot of critics who are highly against this and are calling Russ a psychopath. He simply acknowledges them as haters. They claim it’s too brutal to be a thing. People have suffered heart attacks and mental and physical damage after it. In a reader poll, 70% of people said they thought the experience was “too extreme.”

According to an Insider article. Also, a visitor, Laura Hertz, says: “I still have scars of everything they did to me. I was repeatedly hit in my face, over and over and over again.” Recently, a petition has gone viral to shut it down, receiving close to 100,000 signatures in days.

The things that people will do for entertainment in this country are questionable. Perhaps we should think about how easy it has become to sign waivers without knowing the danger ahead. The real horror is the length a waiver can take you with no mercy. 


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