I always thought that the things that I loved most would be there forever. I found
out I was wrong the day my dog died. It was a horrific day filled with death and
bitterness. Baci was my Rottweiler. She was the first dog I have ever had. Baci was a
playful dog and a good girl. She once was not feeling well and we thought it was nothing,
but it turned out to be it was something. She had gotten cancer that would take away a
piece of life from her every day. It was like a plant that was being eaten by bugs slowly. It
is dying and getting weaker every time a bug takes a bite out of it no matter the size of
the bite the plant still suffers. She had gotten cancer and a big Tumor the size of a ball
generated in her chest making her barely able to walk, limping everywhere she went.
Just imagine getting sicker and sicker every day and that there was nothing you could

To this day I can still feel the horror of taking something’s life. But I was thinking selfishly because Baci got too sick and to have her suffer any more pain would be cruel. Loss is something
everybody faces but you always have to remember that things that you love can always
vanish before your eyes in an instant but can also appear before your eyes in an instant
as well. It’s was a cloudy day. Nobody could believe that today was actually upon us. Baci
was family. Ever since my first day of school Baci would walk with me right before I
would start walking down my driveway in the morning and watch me go on the bus and
in the afternoon she would wait for me at the top of the driveway every time at the exact
same time. She memorized my bus schedule and was always watching like my own
guardian angel. Baci was a beautiful dog. Why would a dog that was loyal, protective,
affectionate, caring, kind, and innocent deserve to die? I guess that’s how life works. I
understand now that even though a big part of my life was taken away, Baci is going to a
better place.

As Baci lays down right by the doctor and my little brother said to her,
“I love you Baci. I am going to miss you.” Then he started crying so much.

Then my little sister went to go say goodbye to Baci and said
“Bye Baci, I am going to miss you.” As she was saying it she was sobbing.

Now I go say“ I love you Baci and I will never forget you and don’t forget about me in heaven,
love you.” Afterwards I felt like just took a punch right to the heart and then my heart
dropped and then I started crying too.

My mom said, “goodbye Baci love you.” We all were praying for Baci. I don’t know what was
worse watching my little siblings cry their hearts out or watching my dog accept that her
time was over. Right before the doctor injected the shot into her I looked into her eyes
and knew she could tell how everybody felt.

Then the doctor inserts the shot and pushes it so the liquid seeps into her body
killing her but we see her still alive and it was a miracle but the doctor put another shot
in her and I am watching my dad petting her, keeping her calm saying,
“Baci it’s going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay. I love you,” as her soul
slips away from her body slowly like how water slips off a beautiful lily .Now she would
forever rest. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, what to feel. That was the longest
night of my life.


Photo credit: vetstreet.com/rottweilers


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