When I walked into the dog shelter, it immediately smelled like dog food. Each dog had a bowl of food, so the smell was strong. Some of the little dogs were yapping, and the big ones were barking loudly.

The place was smaller than I expected for a dog shelter. I expected that there would be more room for the dogs and people. I didn’t know if  there was supposed to be more room, because I’ve never really been in a shelter before.

While walking in the shelter my brother was looking at all the cute dogs. My dad and I walked through the halls and looked into the cages. We were looking and saw cute dogs, but they weren’t the best. They either had medical problems or were too hyper, but then we saw the perfect dog. His name was Tucker. He was perfect because he wasn’t barking. He kept to himself and was peaceful. He was the odd one out of all the dogs, and stood out. But, it was a good thing. We told  the lady we were interested.

“You have to do some paperwork before getting the dog,” the lady told my dad. 

“Ok,” my dad responded. 

After my dad had finished doing the paperwork, the lady said, “Ok just give us 2 hours and we will get you guys all set.”

“Great,” he answered.

After she said that, we went to grab some lunch. We knew that there was a good pizza spot not that far, so we went. My brother and I ordered the chicken Parmesan slice and my dad got pizza. We know the chicken Parmesan slice is good, because we’ve had it before so it was going to be worth it.

My brother and I were talking about the dog while waiting for our food.

“I wonder what the house is going to be like when we get a dog?” my brother said.

“Yeah, same. It’s probably going to be really different,” I responded. 

“It is going to be so cool and fun having a dog for the first time,” my brother said.

“Yeah, the dog is going to be so fun to have around the house. I can’t even wait to get him in the house,” I answered.


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