Even though there was a specific start of the March everybody was walking everywhere in different directions. People were out of their houses on the porches yelling chants and you could see people through their windows having posters up. We were walking through a parking lot when all of a sudden a group of ladies with pink hats asked if they could take a picture of us and our posters. We said okay and all assembled into a group. One of the ladies started singing the “Run The World(Girls)” by Beyonce because Sophie’s poster said “WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!”

We all start walking along the march route seeing different Victorian style houses that were mostly made out of red brick and the occasional white houses. Everyone was wearing pink hats in support of the march. We were having the best time yelling and cheering chants and seeing all these cool monuments and letting our opinions be heard. As we got closer to the White House there was a huge piece of tarp with tons of sharpie markers on the side and everyone was writing their name on it. I wrote my name and the date on the little piece of space I could find and wrote a little heart on it. This represented me being there and making a difference.

We walked a few blocks down and there was a huge mob. Chaos everywhere.

“Yikes,” I say quietly. “What’s going on?” My mom, Veronica’s mom and Sophie and Charlotte’s mom were looking really confused. It was like a sea of pink heads. Veronica, Charlotte, Sophie, and I all started climbing the columns of a giant white building to see better. Some people were yelling through a big megaphone in the middle of the street. They were being lifted on some sort of stage. Saying how women don’t need rights and it was stupid. My heart was pounding. Everyone was booing him. All that was going through my head was this crazy. I have never seen anything like this and I was confused why didn’t this guy want women to have rights ad why did he come if he had nothing nice to say at a WOMEN’S march. I was booing him too and waving my fists in the air. This isn’t right why is he thinking like that. It led me to think about why this protest is happening in the first place. Why don’t people want women to have as many rights as men?

Now I understand that other people may have different opinions of what is right and what is wrong and that is why politics are always such a controversial thing. Even though I may think strongly about one thing doesn’t mean that another person may have another valid point from the opposing side. At that time I didn’t realize why so many people came to this march. They wanted to change something for the better. This was something they strongly believed in and wanted to change and I wanted to do something like that too.

Photo credit from brittanica.com


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