Attention all campers! On November 20th, 2019, the 6th grade of NSMS will go on an amazing experience that’s like never before! Soon, they will see beautiful sights, hear beautiful sounds, and enjoy the beautiful area of Greenkill during this overnight experience! So get those bags packed, soon the 6th graders will go on a trip all that is all about the outdoors!


Hitting the road


Getting there is half the fun, and when we hit the road, it will definitely be fun! A school bus is not a very good fit for the 3-hour long drive to Greenkill. But don’t worry, NSMS has got that covered. The students will be riding in a more luxury bus: large windows, comfy seating, it even has its own restroom (don’t want anyone having to hold it in that long!). When waking up at 5:45 in the morning, the 6th graders probably won’t have time for a proper breakfast, so eating is allowed in the bus. Now all we need is someone to start singing “100 bottles of milk on the wall,” and the trip to Greenkill can’t get any more fun and original!


5-star buffet


Mmmm! Do you smell that? The food at Greenkill is served buffet style: the 6th graders go up to get what they want and exactly how much of it, so both picky and non-picky eaters are welcome to the table! Students will be randomly put at different tables, so they can spread their friend circle a little more. All of them will also get an opportunity to help set the table (remember, the adults don’t do everything; the students play their role as well). Nothing’s better than a nice, hot meal after spending the day out in the cold autumn air!


Late night fun


The fun doesn’t stop at sunset! At Greenkill, the evening is full of fun! There are events such as talent shows, shows that feature animals, and a lot more! It will be more extra fun collaboration! And on top of all of that, the students get to bring games! It will be board game night, every night! The 6th grade will party as if the trip has the best nights ever, because, well, it will.


A good – no, great night’s sleep


After a long day of teamwork and nature, it is good to have some proper Zs. Sleeping with 3 or 10 other campers, the 6th graders will have to get used to sleeping with their classmates. But they get to choose a couple of team members they want to bunk with, so they can sleep near a friend! The late autumn weather is going to be chilly, so the students will bring a pillow and their favorite blankie. Or, if they are in a camping mood, they can also bring a sleeping bag. Who won’t enjoy sleeping in a nice, cozy cabin with a bestie?


Countdown to Greenkill


So get ready, 6th grade! Soon, you will experience the trip of your life! The 3 days of Greenkill are coming up. Who knows what exciting adventure might happen? Well, one thing for sure: the students will love their experience at Greenkill! So start packing those bags, start getting out your camping self, start getting ready for the epic trip to Greenkill!


The 6th grade will hit the road November 20, 2019!


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