Many kids and teens use social media around the world! Except me. I don’t currently own any social media accounts, so I’m wondering if I’m better off without it. Social media are websites and apps that allow people to post pictures, blogs, selfies, etc. into the world, where everyone can see it. The first ever social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997, used for people to make profiles and make friends with other users, which is the main focus for most social media applications today. However, ever since social media has grown more and more popular, people have been posting many things that are a bad influence to adolescents. To get information about this, I conducted a survey about social media in order to see both kid’s and teen’s opinion on social media. 

Based on the survey, one sixth grader, Abigail Banks, said she does own multiple social media accounts. She wrote that “social media can sometimes be toxic” and she uses it to “have fun or to look at shops, or what’s going on with my friends. I’m careful to not give any personal info, and my mom has an account on my apps in order for her to make sure I don’t post anything inappropriate.” 

This was Abby’s opinion on social media based on the quiz she took. “I think social media is fun but it can get out of hand sometimes if you’re not careful, and I think people are better off not having it because without social media it is actually better to socialize in real life.” Abby also left a suggestion to keep track of who follows you online. If there is a certain person you don’t want to follow you, you can block them. She also suggests to make a private account, so the people must send a request in order to follow you.

 Next, I interviewed another 6th grader, Jaime Moynihan. His opinion on social media is very similar to Abby’s. He said that he loves social media and he thinks it’s a great way to communicate and socialize with friends and family, which is why he owned social media accounts in the first place. He also thinks that social media can sometimes be toxic. Jaime also said that it depends on how you use social media, and what you look at.  

As you can tell, many people have many different opinions on social media, and have different reasons for why they have social media. What do YOU think about social media? Do YOU think it’s safe for kids and teens?


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