My life sucks.

Don’t ask me how, it just does. From schoolwork to friendships to just about everything else, it’s just a whole mess.

I mean, it’s always been like that. For a couple months, actually. But it feels like forever.

It all started at Jasmine’s end-of-year party last May.

The whole grade was there. Well, there were some kids not there because they had a play, or something else. Music was blasting through speakers. I was just chilling with my friends, Kaitlin and Scarlett. They were chatting animatedly while I stared at Jake, the guy that I had had a crush on since October.

“Come on, Faith.” Scarlett nudged me. “You know you’re too good for that guy.”

More like he’s too good for me, I thought. But all I said was, “I dunno.”

Then Jay walked out of the room to go outside or to the basement.

“Faith,” Kaitlin told me quietly. “Maybe just forget about Jake for a second and focus on, like, having fun. I mean-” she looked at Scarlett for support “-it is the end of school, after all.”

Kaitlin’s words had an effect on me. “Yeah, sure,” I said.

Scarlett smiled. “You guys wanna go outside?”

“Sure,” I said. Kaitlin just smiled and said, “Nah, I’m good. You guys go on ahead.”

Oh boy. That decision may have been the worst I’ve ever made in my entire life.


Scarlett stretched. “Aah, it feels good to be outside. Hey, look at this!”

I looked down, then laughed. “Oh, come on, Scar.”

There was a balloon shaped like a flamingo on the pavement. I knew Scarlett had a sort of passion for corny things.

Scarlett picked the flamingo up. “Oh, this is cool. I’d love to have one of these in my house.”

“Scarlett.” I indicated off towards Jake, who was walking towards us in that weird way he always does, giving us his usual glare.

I heard Scarlett mutter a curse word under her breath. “Great. Just what I needed.”

Wait. Maybe I should explain the stuff with Jake.

For a while now, Jay has been torturing me and Scarlett. Well, it’s not torturing like pinning-you-to-the-wall-and-shoving-a-knife-in-your-face torturing. It’s more like chasing-you-around-like-a-crazy-lunatic-and-threatening-to-kill-you-once-I-reach-you torturing.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is.

So anyway, Jake was coming towards us. When he reached us, Scarlett and I both said, “What do you want?”

“That’s my balloon,” he growled. Well, he actually said it normally. Never mind about the growling comment.

Scarlett smirked. “Well, it’s mine now- HEY!”

That HEY! was because at that moment, Jake grabbed the balloon and ran off with it.

“Oh, man, that guy is in like HUGE trouble now!” Scarlett cried. “You coming, Faith?” And then she ran off without waiting for an answer.

A second later, Scarlett came running back. She flattened herself against the wall. Jake was whacking her with the flamingo. (Not a pretty sight, by the way. I feel sorry for that flamingo.)

“Hey!” Scarlett squealed. “Don’t whack me, Jake. OW. Heeeeey! Whack Faith instead!”

“What?” I yelled. “Scarlett, what the heck?”

Jake turned to me. He tilted his head. “Actually, I think I won’t whack you, Faith…”

I can’t really describe what my brain was thinking at that moment. It was like DJENJKQEYQDGQDUHQJDQHHQDUHDHUDQW!!!!!!!




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