Tik Tok is a social media platform that allows people to  create accounts and make short videos. Tik Tok was made in 2014 by Alex Zhu and  Luyu Yang, but back then it was called music.ly. Over the years Tik Tok has gotten more and more popular, and more people  have downloaded it. Is Tik Tok just a fun app that kids can make videos on, or bad and inappropriate?

I scroll through Tik Tok and I see people and kids making videos with their friends. But then I also come across videos where people are using songs that say bad words in them, or are talking about inappropriate things. On Tik Tok, people also do “dances”. Tik Tok dances are a lot different than most dances. They don’t go under a dance category, it’s just mostly hand motions. A popular movement is “The woah”. I have Tik Tok, and if I made a video with a bad word or me doing something inappropriate, I would be in big trouble. But do parents watch what their kids post on Tik Tok? I have a private account, but if you don’t, anyone on Tik Tok can follow you and watch your videos. In the hallways at school and on the bus, I see that most kids are on Tik Tok. I think that sometimes Tik Tok can be a distraction from real life, and socializing with other people.

I asked Natalie Ion what the thinks about Tik Tok. She says that, “I think it’s fun, but there can be songs and dances that aren’t for kids. I think that parents should be careful and watch what their kids post.” I also asked Giuliana Cimino about her opinion about Tik Tok. This is what she said: “I think that is is good and bad. It can be good because it lets kids listen to music, but it also can be bad because kids get addicted to it.”  Based on what Natalie and Giuliana said, they both think that Tik Tok is fun, but they also feel like it can be bad.

There can be some inappropriate content on Tik Tok, but most people just use it for fun. Before you download Tik Tok and create an account, you should think twice and research. As it becomes more popular, more and more people will use it, even though it can be bad for you.

Photo Credit: https://www.news18.com/news/tech/tik-tok-prepares-to-take-on-instagram-and-facebook-with-shopping-links-in-posts-2390575.html



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