Should skateboarding be allowed on school campus? This rule was established quite a while ago, and it affects many student skaters at North Shore Middle School. The rule was created because school administration was concerned with the risk of students being injured. But does everyone at North Shore feel the same way? 

After discussions with the North Shore Middle School teachers and staff, there seem to be varying opinions on this matter. Mr. Dennis, North Shore Middle School’s principal, and other teachers were asked if skateboarding should be allowed on campus. 

Mrs. Kepke, a seventh grade English teacher, said she “understands why there is no skateboarding allowed just because it can be a liability for the school if someone were to get hurt while skateboarding on school property.” While this is understandable, there are other staff members who offer a different perspective on the matter. Mrs. Corrao, another 7th grade English teacher said, “I concur with Miss Kepke on this, but I think that if maybe there was a structured park with supervisors and time limits and use of helmets, I could see it being a possibility. Maybe even a waiver for parents to sign things? I think it is fine to ride to school but don’t play on it at school.” Mrs. Corrao offers a possible solution that could be a happy medium.

With this question, Mr. Dennis, the principal for North Shore Schools, reacted in a totally different direction of this question, saying “I would be happy to allow skateboarding on school campus, but not during the school day so we want to maybe revise that rule so people could skateboard. It may be after 4 p.m. when there’s no more buses around because I think that’s the concern that people might skateboard, you know when the parking lot or on the sidewalk and that would be a danger but if it was maybe after 4 p.m. we can certainly look at that.” 

If you don’t agree with this rule, spread the word that this rule is not agreed with throughout the school. If the principal or a teacher has time, ask them this question, or ask the principal if they can change this rule. With more people comes more opportunity to change this rule. Personally, I think schools should push active things that students are passionate about. Isn’t that what school is about?

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