What’s the issue?

The lunch lines and food storage at North Shore Middle School are a growing problem. You may be all the way upstairs thinking about lunch and once that bell rings you rush to get to the cafeteria, oops it is not a surprise that the lines are already full.  

Who does this affect?

The first thing you may wonder is how do they get so long? Well, you may not know that, but you may know that you are going to be on that line for a little while. This really affects all grades but mostly eighth and seventh graders, yet it has still happened to sixth graders too. Say you wanted a bagel and it’s finally your turn,  however the lunch ladies may say “sorry there are no more bagels.” And worst of all, you may not even like the entree. The reason this may affect seventh graders the most is because they are the last lunch, therefore there is less food for them. 

How can we solve it?

One way we can solve the lunch line issue and the food storage issue is to tell the lunch ladies to order more food so the food issue isn’t that big of a problem, especially bagels. Another way we can solve the lunch line is hire another worker. There are normally two people working at the hot lunch line and one person at the bagel line. I wonder why is there only one person at the bagel line, the line gets so long and takes forever. This problem can grow if this doesn’t change, and hopefully it will.

Photo Credit: http://www.chicagonow.com/cut-out-kid/2016/09/it-smells-like-a-cafeteria-in-here/


  1. This is so true. I don’t buy lunch, but I’ve noticed some of my friends sit down at our table around a quarter into the lunch period. This is a serious problem and it needs to be fixed, or some kids may not have time to eat lunch. The length of the lines depend on the size of the grade, and the amount of people that buy lunch. It can get very aggravating to everyone in the whole lunch room, as the lines are usually so long and move so slow (while growing) that they snake around tables where people that already have their food (or brought food from home) are sitting. This happened to me multiple times during my 6th- and 7th-grade years. My friends and I moved our regular table to the opposite corner near the back for 8th grade because of the lines. Good solutions would be getting more food and more kitchen staff.


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