The story of Nick Sandmann and Covington Catholic High School is completely taken out of proportion and is possibly the most ridiculous form of propaganda the Left has used since Trump was elected.  

If you don’t know the story of Nick Sandmann and Covington Catholic High School then here is what it is: Many students at Covington Catholic High School, on January 18, 2019, took a trip to Washington D.C. They were wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats and were clear Trump supporters.

Then they were approached by a Native American who decided to bang a drum in these children’s faces. The students stayed calm, but then they did the most racist and dis-respectful thing imaginable…They smiled.  These monsters, these rascals. How could they have the nerve to smile when a Native American was banging a drum in their face.

This is absolutely preposterous. News stations such as CNN are constantly ripping into this kid for smiling at someone who is banging a drum in their faces. I find it ridiculous that people could possibly believe this is racist. It is laughable at times that the media can make a kid smiling into a nationwide fiasco. 

I am bringing this up now because recently Nick Sandmann filed a lawsuit against CNN and The Washington Post for 250 million dollars. The lawsuit claims that these news sites promoted bullying and defamation Sandmann.

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    • The case does not pertain to whether the actions of Nick Sanddman were racist, rather it raises a decades-old debate on hate speech vs. free speech. Given that the words of the Washington Post and CNN do not constitute fighting words, true threat etc., thus it would be dismissed under the Fighting Words Doctrine as enumerated in Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, and the speech of the Washington Post would be protected. The lawsuit filed on Sanddman’s behalf also alleged that such outlets attempted to publish calumny; however, such outlets merely acted in, as the federal judge whom recently dismissed the case enumerated, in a plain spoken fashion based on the perceived facts available at the given moment. If one finds themselves interested in the hate vs. free speech, please do contact me at


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