VSCO girls, the new thing of 2019, are trending all over the world! But do we really know what they are? They are mostly tweens and teens that have rules for what they say and what they wear. They have Hydro Flasks, shell necklaces, scrunchies, messy buns, oversized t-shirts and more. They say, “And I oop, sksksks,” if they drop something, and then “sksksks” is their laugh.

VSCO’s dress very casually, like a VSCO girl should.

It apparently all started from an editing app called VSCO, an editing app that has different filters on it, and then it slowly traveled its way onto Tiktok, and that’s when people started to find out what it was. VSCO girls use metal straws and trendy Hydro flasks to “Save the Turtles” and protect the environment.

Now, the app is kind of all about VSCO girls and what they do. Boys are now even making fun of them, and some girls are too. It has become so popular that it was one of the main costumes that so many people wore for Halloween this year, including some boys!

The VSCO editing app originally was created in 2011. But, it started becoming really popular this past summer in July. People started to know more and more about it because it spread to Tik Tok, and Tik Tok started to become really popular last year. Tik Tok first started out as Musical.ly, about 2 years ago, but then it “died,”  and nobody went on it anymore. Then, it became Tik Tok, and now it’s so popular again. Because of this app that suddenly became so popular, everyone knows about VSCO girls because it spread. “I first learned about VSCO girls on Tik Tok,” said Sylvie Ward. This shows that most people learned about what a VSCO girl was from Tik Tok.

In talking about VSCO girls, Natalie Ion, a 6th grader at North Shore Middle School said, “I love saving the turtles and helping the ocean.”  Silvie Ward is a tween. She is 12 years old and is in seventh grade. “It’s all over Tik tok and other social media apps like Instagram,” Silvie says, and, “I wanted to become a VSCO girl because it is trendy on social media.”

I chose to write about this topic because it became so popular so fast, but a lot of people still don’t know so much about it. These people should have a right to know about what’s going on in our world and what’s really trendy. I also know that a lot of adults don’t know about it either, and their kids may be a VSCO girl, so they have a right to know what their kids are doing nowadays. Also, I personally think that it is a very interesting topic to write about since it is very trendy, and many people think it’s very fun and interesting. I really wanted people to get experience and an opportunity to really learn about VSCO girls and where they came from, as well as what they say, wear, and do. I really think and hope that this article really helped people to know and really get to understand what the new trend of 2019. Even though VSCO girls may be annoying to some people, they do serve a right and a purpose because they are “saving the turtles” and are protecting our environment by using metal straws and hydro flasks. So, I don’t think that we should make fun of them, and we should treat them with respect. So, maybe we shouldn’t spend so much time making fun of them anymore and look at them differently.


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