Chromebooks vs. I Pads

The kids are forced to use laggy, glitchy Chromebooks. At school and home kids have to attempt to use terrible Chromebooks for homework and then get in trouble when we can’t complete our homework because our Chromebooks broke.
As Juliet Ryan-Baez said “They’re laggy, everything even things that aren’t inappropriate are blocked, they break easily and the camera is horrible”.
We should get Macs because Chromebooks are glitchy, break very easily, and have too many blocked things to the point where we can’t get homework done.
The first reason our school should get Macs is that Chromebooks are very glitchy. Out of the 9 quotes all of those nine people said Chromebooks were glitchy and they didn’t like them.
“They don’t work well, they are cheap, we would be better off with Mac books. They are glitchy and they break easily”- Eliana Gonzalez Levi.
Another quote that Caroline Ledden said was “ It glitches a lot, it doesn’t have apps that are on other technology that you need for class”.
These two quotes show that Chromebooks are extremely glitchy and are disliked by many classmates.
The second reason our school should get Mac books is that Chromebooks break very easily.
“They break a lot, they are really slow, and everything is blocked”, said Ella Zuccarello.
Out of the whole seventh grade everyone has gone to the tech lab because the Chromebooks have broken. Also another peer named Alison Friedman said, “They’re really bad and my keys fall off very easily”.
Overall, Chromebooks break too easily and if we had Mac books we would not have to spend as much money for repairs.
The last reason we should get Mac books is that everything is blocked to the point where we can’t do our school work.
“Everything is blocked even some learning materials” – Ben Ryan. For example the company Entrepreneur was blocked when the class had a business project.
Another student, Crystal Knoell, said they suck. Most things are blocked and sometimes even the teachers get annoyed when some things are blocked because then they can’t teach.

Overall, Chromebooks are not very practical and Mac books would be a lot more practical. Between many things being blocked, them breaking easily, and being very slow, Chromebooks are not very good.
On the other side of things Mr. S. believes that Chromebooks are better than i Pads and work perfectly well. He believes that we got Chromebooks because they are cheaper and more for work than playing games and doing other things.
He also said that he likes Chromebooks more; he thinks they’re better for school and it’s less likely that we would play games and be more likely to do work.
The last thing he said was that he thinks the students like the i Pads better. He thinks the students like the i Pads better because you can play games and we are more used to Apple products as opposed to Google.
Mr. Nelson said that Chromebooks are less prone to breaking then than i Pads because they are plastic and not glass.
He also personally likes writing on pen and paper better then electronics but he does like Chromebooks better than i Pads.
Lastly, he thinks that it depends on the student as to if they like Chromebooks or i Pads more. For example, a gaming student would probably likes i Pads better because you can play more games.
On the other hand, most teachers are liking Chromebooks better because they are more practical and you are more likely do work than play games.


  1. I agree. My Chromebook glitches all the time and it’s really annoying. I’m very familiar with Google now (that’s one of the benefits) but the constant glitching irritates me a lot. I don’t know about a MacBook, but I would at least like to have a better Chromebook.


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