Here at North Shore Middle School, Tik Tok dances, VSCO girls, and Peppa Pigs are spreading like wildfire. When you walk through the 6th grade hallway, you will mostly see kids leaning their phones on anything to do a dance in front of it…a Tik Tok. At lunch, you will see girls and boys with Hydroflasks saying “sksksk” and “i oop” with scrunchies on their wrists. I interviewed some people in the school to see their opinions on if Tik Tok should be in school.

 Mr. Chemnitz, a sixth grade science teacher, thinks that Tik Tok is distracting. Mr. Kline, a sixth grade math teacher, thinks it’s annoying for teachers and students who are trying to work. 

I have some students who gave opinions on the subject as well.  Natalie and her friend Abigail (6th) like Tik Tok and think it should be allowed in schools. Conner (7th), Liam (7th), And Paul (6th) don’t like Tik Tok and do think it should be banned.

Based on the data I have collected, I have made and inference on why people like and dislike Tik Tok in school.  Kids would enjoy Tik Tok because it could be fun in some kids eyes. Adults and kids would not enjoy Tik Tok because it could be distracting while trying to concentrate. Imagine if you are working on a math packet and all you see is a girl standing up and dancing to her friend across the room. Kids would like it because it’s something to do when you are bored and as a fun app overall. 

Do you think TiK Tok should be banned from schools, or should they roam around until another trend pops up? Click this link to show your opinion.

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