Many people around the globe are obsessed with the sweet, satisfying flavor of Coca-Cola, but the variation labeled Mexi-Coke might be a better choice. Regular Coke has an ingredient called high-fructose corn syrup, while Mexi-Coke scraps this ingredient in favor of the healthier, cane sugar.

Why is high-fructose corn syrup such a problem? Well, it consists of 50% glucose and 50% fructose. While glucose is beneficial to your body, fructose needs to be broken down into glucose before it can be used. Because of this, it increases your risk of many diseases and unhealthy body conditions, such as fatty liver disease, where your liver starts collecting fat, and increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes greatly. It is also linked to obesity, which can lead to heart disease and cancer. 


Mexi-Coke, instead of high-fructose corn syrup, uses plain cane sugar, which doesn’t have any of these risks. Overall, Mexi-Coke is a much safer option than normal Coca-Cola. One way to find the more nutritious Mexi-Coke is to look it up on Amazon. Trust me, it’s good.

The next time you pick up your favorite soda, think twice about it, and do yourself a flavor. Give yourself the gift of a longer life this holiday season and, if you’re going to enjoy a Coca-cola, make sure it’s a Mexi-Coke.


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