I have come to the realization that we may no longer focus merely on our American bubble. America is no longer the exception to tyranny and fascism, rather it is part of that very problem. Our American fate is very much tied to those of both our allies and adversaries–both those whom we disdain and cherish.

     On Thursday, December 12 Britons will vote in a general election for their Prime Minister. Currently, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who was not democratically elected by the people of the United Kingdom, rather elected by fellow Tories, which succeeded the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May. Boris Johnson has championed Brexit, a policy in which supports Britain leaving the European union, an economic block and leadership organization in Europe, which has aided years of stability and congenial relationships amongst European Countries.     

     Boris Johnson has supported a policy commonly known as a hard Brexit–such would constitute Britain leaving the European Union without deal (i.e, trade, customs union, etc.); however, given a rising sentiment dissenting the highly unfavorable policy championed by Boris Johnson and the Brexit party, Parliament has passed a myriad of legislation in which makes such nearly insurmountable for Mr. Johnson 

     The General election has been hailed by Boris Johnson as a second referendum on Brexit, as he chose endeavor in the general election as a method to affirm his postulation regarding a new deal Brexit. 

       The plague of fascist, populism, and isolationism that has gripped America is to be found across the globe. Countries in both the eastern and western hemispheres–those across oceans and deserts, mountains and valleys had been faced with this seemingly inexorable challenge. In China, Xi Jinping has sent millions of Uiger (Wieger) Muslims to what has been dubbed “re-education camps” following a nationalist and fascist sentiment, which has perpetuated the persecution of those whom are perceived as being different.

       In India, A recent Supreme Court decision has denied Muslims of accessing a holy-site, which appears to be integral to the practice of their faith and worship. This plague of neo-nationalism as well as the ailments of fascist plague not just the disdained and less fortunate. They has come to affect countries in which lead the fight against these very things in which they have succumb to.

      For the better part of the twentieth century the United States was devoted to fighting tyranny and fascism. In fact, in a 1942 Supreme Case, Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, the court ruled that a calumnious accusation that the government of Rochester New Hampshire to be Hate Speech. Today, the country has endorsed those at the top echelons of our democracy using fascist rhetoric for political gain–we have gone from the country in which fought for a world free of these contemptible ailments, to a country in which finds itself to be perpetuating them. 

      To the outsider, this deplorable scheme of demagogic behavior and monstrous values seems to have no relation to a seemingly innocent and policy-based British election…that postulation is false. Boris Johnson embodies the isolationist, fascist, and nationalist sentiments in which make up that very scheme…Boris Johnson not only encourages that Britan leaving the European Union, something which would lead to decades of tumult and recession. Johnson has been known to perpetuate rhetoric which discriminates against minorities.

       Britons now have a choice–one in which will inevitably decide our next century. It is a choice between the vituperative and brummagem and the virtuous and reasonable. The decision which the Britons make will inevitably affect the twenty-twenty democratic primary. It will either bolster Donald Trump or start the revolution. We must not eviscerate the work of our forefathers at home and abroad. We, as must Britons, chose virtue over fascism. We must be the spark to ignite the fire.


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