On January 1st, 2020, YouTube is going to make a big, humongous, extremely large change to their website, as instructed by the FTC. This update was caused by YouTube violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, which is a division of the government that tries to keep children safe from advertisers. This may be a good thing, but what they’re going to do to YouTube is going to massively affect many of the YouTubers on the site; this will especially affect the YouTubers that live off of the income from YouTube. 


What YouTube is going to do to meet the needs of the government is that they’re going to add a little tab that makes you choose if the video you’re uploading is kid friendly or not. You may think this is “no big deal,” but this could make or break the YouTuber’s channel. This is because if you choose the kid-friendly option, it will disable all of the notifications for that video; it won’t allow the video to be put into any sort of playlist, and the video would be hidden on YouTube and won’t even be shown when put into the search bar!


We have telepathic powers, and we know you are cringing in front of this screen. Not only that, but the YouTubers have to do this with every single video, even the videos they have already posted; what a time waster! Who in their right mind would say that this is a good thing or idea? This is going to be the worst! Not only that, but topics that kids may like aren’t allowed. This includes sports, animation, video games with famous characters and cartoons. THIS IS GOING TO BREAK ALL OF THE CHANNELS THAT ARE A PART OF A COMPANY! Nintendo, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more!

This isn’t even the worst of it, though, if you make too many violations of these new rules you get, wait for it…A FINE OF OVER FORTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! We know at least 10 jaws dropped when reading that. Great idea, government and YouTube! Also, there’s ALREADY a site that’s made for kids…YOUTUBE KIDS! Why bother YouTube if you can just go on YouTube kids? This is a whole misunderstanding by the government. 


So obviously, all of the people who read this, you must spread the word of this disgusting change; it’ll probably make some sort of a difference since over 2 Billion people all over the world use YouTube. So let’s prevent this garbage idea before it starts, and we should work fast since this update will happen on January 1st, the first thing to make the whole new year “great.” Thank you for your time and attention!  



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