Why Americans Should be Responsible to Find a Solution to Fight Against Animal Cruelty and Testing

Twenty-six million animals are experimented on each year.  Imagine if you had an animal and they were tested on. Americans should be responsible to find a solution. Some solutions include educating others so they know what animals are put through, raising money to help animals who have suffered, and persuading government officials to make animal cruelty less likely to happen by creating new laws. 

Animals are put through shots, being cut, having their eyes experimented on and more.  Many animals are killed, blinded, scarred, and left with no family. How many animals’ lives need to be sacrificed to produce medicine?  Is the life of one living being more important than the life of another? If 115 million animals are tested on and only 46 types of medicines were made, is it worth it?

Any killing of creatures is inhumane and cruel, therefore Americans should be responsible to find a solution.  One way Americans can help to find a solution is educating people about this topic that leaves animals dying a painful death. “Foxie gave birth to more laboratory chimps, but all four of her baby chimps were taken away” (Chimpanzees once used). These baby chimps now have no mother and have been brought into this world to be tested and possibly die.  If you had a kid and they had been tested on by being cut open, going blind, and not being able to live a good life, how would you feel? “Members of the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) say they have footage of researchers at a facility in England sawing open monkey’s skulls and injecting toxins or sucking out parts of the monkey’s brain” (ALL FOR ANIMALS). 

Americans can help save an animals life as long as they find the empathy, care, and compassion to do the right thing.   Another way American citizens could contribute to the fight against animal cruelty and raise awareness is by donating to reputable organizations.  There are many organizations that work to stop animal cruelty and testing. These organizations help animals feel safer so they do not have to worry about their offspring living in a lab being tested on and taken away from them.  “The ASPCA is one of the oldest organizations in the United States dedicated to protecting animals. They work to find homes for strays, rescue animals from events like natural disasters, and prevent cruel practices such as dog fighting and puppy mills” (ALL FOR ANIMALS).  ASPCA is a trustworthy organization because it is non-profit, which means they make no money because all of it goes to the animals. Other organizations, such as ACS, are fighting to protect animals in the ocean that are big. Not many people imagine that ocean creatures can be abused, but sadly it happens to them too.  “Founded in 1967 the ACS is recognized as the world’s first whale, dolphins, and porpoises conservation group” (ALL FOR ANIMALS). ACS (American Cetacean Society) is a group that does not always target land animals, instead they target ocean creatures.

Some people say monkeys are ideal for research because humans are harder to test on. They argue that scans of the brain while they are alive are imprecise, and the anatomy of monkeys are very similar to humans. Admittedly these points are valid, nevertheless if we abandon all animals and let them get tested on, animals would die and go extinct. Still, the most important way Americans can help is by persuading government officials to make a law so animal cruelty less likely to happen. Animals have been very important to the development of the human race, but now instead of using animals for food and agriculture we are using them cruelly.  “As human culture developed, the ways that animals were used began to expand…these types of entertainment required animals kept in cages or to perform for people in ways that went against their normal behavior” (Animal Rights Movement). When we develop in good ways animals are being tested on in a cruel way.

It takes education, money and changing laws to make a difference. There is not enough being done to protect the lives of innocent animals. Many people say they care, but we need to be the change we want to see. My research has informed me that there is no topic in the world that does not have problems. Too many animals have had their lives ripped from them because of human cruelty. So many countries have the creativity and perseverance to push through and help, but we need to come together instead of breaking apart.  How many animals’ lives need to be sacrificed before we realize how harsh this is? Does it need to be to the point where we can’t have pets because of our inhumane behavior? Global citizens need to prioritize compassion and human efforts to save the lives of millions of animals.  


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