What I love most about horseback riding is the fact that you’re able to have fun while spending time with your best friends and having the chance to win a huge title. 

I started riding horses when I was two years old. The second that I rode my first pony, I knew that I would be riding horses for as long as I’m alive. Once my parents bought me my first horse at the age of three, I was already starting my horse show career. 

My first ever horse show was the Hampton Classic, which is one of the biggest shows of the summer. At the age of four, I moved to a different barn that was more known than the other barn that I used to train at. Ever since then, I have thrived with that barn, gaining over seven titles within the past eleven years. 

Now after this June, I transferred to an even better barn with Jill Auerliao. The last six months I’ve been riding even more than ever, along with getting four brand new horses that help show off my perfections and hide my imperfections. The past two months, I have been traveling all over Maryland, competing in some of the biggest competitions of the year so far. 

My biggest accomplishment is getting into the Junior Olympics, along with being named best THIS rider in the world. Since I got named those titles, I’ve been doubling up on my riding, which is also the reason that I’m getting homeschooled next month. My whole schedule is changing once I start doing homeschooling, along with doubling up on traveling. In a little less than a month, I will be staying in California for two weeks, then going to Ohio for a little over a month. This weekend I’m showing against the best rated barn in the world; the class that I’m showing in has jumps that are double my height in the show! 

Once I start homeschooling, I will be able to do my work ahead of time, instead of just missing the in-school work due to all of my traveling. 



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