Youtube is a social media program that allows people to make their own channel, post videos and comment on them. This hit social media program was created by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen in November 2006. Just like all social media programs, Youtube comes with some inappropriate things that many kids have easy access to. To solve this, Youtube recently made an application called Youtube Kids. Unlike Youtube, Youtube Kids was a safe environment for kids and toddlers. However, in 2018, very unsafe and inappropriate videos made their way to Youtube Kids. Some of the unsafe videos also consist of -believe it or not- on how to commit suicide, WHICH IS TOTALLY MESSED UP! Youtube luckily terminates channels that post inappropriate content according to NBC news.


I interviewed a friend named Abby Banks about what she thinks about Youtube Kids. We went on Youtube Kids Preschool on the day I interviewed her, and it looked perfectly fine. We watched some of the videos, and they were all kid-friendly. After looking at Youtube Kids, Abby stated that it doesn’t really look like anything toxic is happening on the website. After that, we looked at Youtube Kids 8-12. It just had videos appropriate towards 8 year old audiences. Abby exclaimed that there might have been inappropriate videos on the website, but maybe the Youtube company got rid of and blocked all those videos. 


As a closing statement, Youtube Kids might have not been safe for children a year ago, but Youtube Kids seems to be a clean and safe environment for kids, at least for now. I recommend for parents to keep a close eye on what their kids are watching on the internet by looking at their history just to be safe, and protecting their children from harmful content. 


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