Everyday, you’ll walk past somewhere – let’s say the park – and you’ll see someone with their head down holding something in their hand. Being that it’s 2019, they’re obviously on their phones! Some questions you may be asking: Why are kids so addicted to their phones? What are they even doing?  Here’s what you need to know.

First, let’s address why kids addicted to their phones and why they’re on them so much. They are mostly used so often because they are immersed in social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and a popular app this year, Tik Tok. “I am mostly addicted to social media, and apps like Tik Tok and Instagram,” says Sylvie Ward, a seventh grader. This has been the case for many kids all around the world nowadays, and I personally am guilty as well.

Some say kids should have phones because they are good for them and help them communicate and socialize with other people. I respectfully disagree with this statement. In the 80’s and before that, nobody had smart/cell phones, and those people turned out fine. Most of them are our parents. I don’t think that you need a phone if you could just as easily socialize without it, and not have to have your brain “turn into mush”.

“I think phones are good and educational for kids and keep them occupied.” says Darren Friedlen, seventh grader. They may keep you occupied, but some parents don’t even pay attention to what their kids are doing on their phones and don’t even keep track of how long they are on it. Sure, phones may be educational, but most of the time kids don’t use them educationally. Research shows that if anyone – especially kids – are on their phones too much in a day, it can really abuse them mentally. “And yet, as Twenge told Quartz, iGens “may be physically safe that way, but mental health is a whole other question.” There are worrying signs that teens’ use of social media networks like Facebook and Snapchat is contributing to a mental health crisis in their age group.”-Jean Twenge

Meanwhile other people, including parents, think phones are horrible for children and think that they should only use it to call people and not to play games or use social media. “I think phones are bad because people get addicted to them and lose time with their family.” says Alec Mandell, seventh grader. Some parents really agree with this statement and have put time limits on their kids phones. I think it is a very good method to use and put on your phone, especially if you’re one of those people that are addicted to their phones, like me. It helps you get off your phone and do whatever you’re missing out on, like eating dinner, doing homework, and spending time with your family and friends.

I had an experience where I was on a school bus, and these two girls were sitting right next to each other, and weren’t talking to each other, they were texting each other. This is one of those situations where you could easily be socializing, especially if you are right next to each other. What’s the point of damaging your brain?

I strongly believe that not only children, but adults too should have limits and not be able to go over those screen time limits of when they are on their phone. We have to pay attention to our screen time. I suggest to do what I do. I tell my mom to make me get off my phone, because sometimes I’m so addicted to social media that I can’t get off of it. Maybe taking a break from social media wouldn’t be such a bad thing either. Try deleting it for a little while. This generation is very complicated because of our relationship with technology, especially the phones, but I think we can grow up just fine without it.


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