Did you know that 821 million people around the world don’t receive enough nutrition to lead an active, healthy life? Rise Against Hunger is working to end that.

Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people. The organization started as Stop Hunger Now in 1998 and eventually became Rise Against Hunger in 2017. Rise Against Hunger aims to end world hunger by 2030. They hope to achieve this by nourishing lives, responding to emergencies, and empowering communities.

Student Government is aiming to host a meal packaging event in the future. One person can package about 250 meals in two hours. The Rise Against Hunger website (riseagainsthunger.org) states, “They may look like simple bags of rice and soy, but Rise Against Hunger meals represent the hopes and dreams of people worldwide.”

People around the world suffer from hunger. In the USA alone, 37 million people struggle with hunger, including 11 million children. But there are countries whose citizens face worse conditions. “Lucky draw out of the hat, and you were born in the USA,” says Ms. Abel. “Your parents could’ve chosen to let you be born in Sudan, or Mali… it could’ve been you.”

Those words weren’t said in a Student Government meeting, but still, the statement resonated with me. Imagine you were one of those people in faraway countries, starving and longing for food and clean water. Now compare that to how you live today, when you take those things for granted. You can just go to your refrigerator and get a bottle of Poland Spring, and suffering people in underdeveloped countries have to walk miles to get dirty, polluted water. Do you see the difference?

Roughly 11.7% of the world’s population are famished. 526 million people are starving in Asia. Help us make a change in the world.  Look for posters around the school for more information. You also can visit Rise Against Hunger’s website right here.

Brought to you by the NSMS Student Government


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