In case anyone is wondering what happened to the baby Yoda revolution, it had to be erased due to a hurtful incident involving an OC named Fruity and many other OCs as well. These OCs were defaced when they should have been left alone. This is a “What Are You Proud Of?” project, after all. The teachers and students in charge of the “What Are You Proud Of?” project decided that, due to the defacing of many OCs, absolutely everything should be erased at the end of the day. We all miss the baby Yoda revolution, but don’t blame the people that erased them. Blame the people that ruined it for everyone because they decided to be hurtful and deface multiple well-drawn OCs. Also, no one should just assume that someone is a Furry just because they drew an animal OC on a window. I know some of the people that drew their OCs are Furries, and Fruity’s artist is a Furry as well, but other artists might not be. For example, the artist that drew Crystal (Cristal? I don’t remember because it was ERASED) never specified tin their drawing whether or not they are a Furry. Neither did Fruity’s artist, but she is okay with me telling you she is as long as I don’t mention her name.  This is a school where discrimination and bullying is intolerable, so if any teachers see this, I strongly suggest looking at the security cameras in the window hallway to identify the student(s) that erased all of the OCs and have them disciplined. It was extremely hurtful what they did, and I know for a fact that one of the artists cried when she saw her OC erased and the mean comments students wrote around it. Fruity’s artist took a piece of paper and drew a new OC that she called Emma. She also wrote a note beside this new OC to the students that erased the rest of the OCs. Every kind student and every teacher should read that note and protect it so it isn’t ripped down by the people that were supposed to read it.



So hard to find


So hard to see


So hard to uphold when so many believe


That Kindness with Worthless


That Meanness is Good


That Bullying makes you Cool


And that Rudeness makes you Strong.


Kindness is Important.


Say a Kind word


Or a phrase


Or just Comfort someone when they’re having a Bad Day.


Kindness is the essence of the world.


How have so many people Forgotten that?


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning this! I drew my OC, Crystal. Everyone claimed me a furry, which I’m not. People can’t just assume things about people, especially when their not true.


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