North Shore Middle and High School allows students to bring their phones to school. Some people might say that bringing their phone to school is good because they can contact their parents  in case of an emergency, but some people also say that it’s bad to bring it because it’s a distraction from school. Do kids really need to bring their phones to school? Or do they just bring it to use it? 

“Students face many predators while at school or off-campus, child kidnappers are on the rise, so it is a must for schools to allow cell phones in schools,” says the writer of Bringing your phone to school can be safer. For example, in case of an emergency or if you have to contact someone right away. If I miss my bus or I’m staying after school, my parents would have no idea unless I had my phone to contact them. 

As soon as students get out of school, they quickly get their phones from their lockers. It seems like a relief for them to get their phones back. “But it’s a losing battle to ban them as school policy. Students don’t like to be separated from their cellphones,” says 

When I walk to my bus to go home, I see kids in the hallway walking with their heads in their phones, not looking where they are walking. If someone really had to contact their parents, they could use a phone in the main office.

I personally think that kids should be allowed to bring their phones to school, but they should only use it when they need to. I asked Natalie Ion on what she thinks. “I think that it’s just a distraction from school and they shouldn’t be allowed.” She says. I also asked her if she brings her phone and if or if not why. “I bring my phone sometimes, but I would only use it if there were an emergency”.

In conclusion, we can’t control the school’s decisions. The next time you leave for school, think, do you really need your phone at school? 



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