President Donald Trump has made headlines once again after he approved a lethal drone airstrike on an important Iranian general named Qassim Suleimani. While Trump defends his decision, saying that this further escalating the already high tensions between Iran and the US is an understatement.  The events have many people concerned and worried, fearing a war breaking out as a result of Suleimani’s death, and tensions with Iran and the US are the highest they’ve ever been in recent times.

The US and Iran have a long and complicated history. In the 1950’s, the United States actually played a major role in creating Iran’s nuclear program, in hopes of advancing the nation’s technology. In 2015, several global superpowers and the US agreed to the Iran Nuclear Deal. The agreement was intended to greatly limit Iran’s production of nuclear weapons and nuclear precursor, such as enriched uranium. In May 2018, Trump withdrew the US from the agreement. His reasons for doing so are somewhat unclear, but it’s likely that he didn’t approve of the deal only because the Democratic Party did. Ever since the US withdrew from this deal, tensions between the US and Iran have increased dramatically.

Trump defends his actions, by claiming that an Iraqi militia, backed by Iran, attacked an Iraqi military base, and killed an American contractor in December. He also claimed that the Iranian government is planning more attacks on Americans. The airstrike, which took place in Baghdad, Iraq, was intended to be a “response” to the death of the contractor and these Iranian plans. Regardless of his reasoning, Trump’s decision seems that it was dictated by emotion, not by judgement. Trump is no stranger to loudmouth behavior, and his attacks on Iran are yet another example. The death of the American contractor is tragic, but Trump’s childish and self-righteous decision has already created more problems than it solved, and it will likely result in the deaths of even more Americans.

Photo credit: NYTimes



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