So, you may be walking down the hall and find yourself to be thirsty so you count on that water fountain and you go take a sip. Little do you know that the water you’re drinking can be a little gross. Well, it’s not 100% bad, but it can be gross and I’ll tell you why. 

As you drink that water, what goes through your head can be different from what I think. The water is normally fine; sometimes things could get caught in the water, but most of the time, that’s not the case. The problem is the fountain itself. The water is normally clean, except it can’t be the most fresh water. A 7th grader Isabella Whalen said, “ the water doesn’t taste right, and there’s gum in the fountains.”  Another person, Brian Kraupner, said: “ water is gross and tastes like iron.”

And a 6th grader Maddie Ditrapani said the water makes her feel sick. although this might be their opinion that the water is gross, and this may be why.

The New York Times has news on Water fountains. “ The bowl, however, can have globs of infectious mucus because people spit before drinking.” Which is pretty much very nasty. A 13-year-old from another school had done a project to see how clean the water fountains are, and he found out that even the cleanest water fountain wasn’t even as clean as toilet water. “He found out that not even the cleanest fountain was as clean as the toilet.” Now the real question is how can you avoid diseases from water fountains like cholera or legionnaires disease or other bacterial diseases? 


One way you can prevent those kinds of diseases is washing your hands before use because many people touch the fountain with dirty greasy hands and snot and all sorts of gross things get caught in the fountain which is really bad. But washing your hands is simple and will prevent it. And another way you can prevent getting those diseases is to not chew gum while using it. There have been so many situations where someone has dropped their gum in the fountain and gets caught in it. Also, don’t put your mouth on the fountain or super close to the fountain because so many people have touched it or even put their mouth on the fountain. This can affect a lot of people and water fountains are all over the place especially in schools. This is a growing problem and many people get sick from waterborne illnesses, but like I said there are ways to prevent that and even if you do get thirsty bring a water bottle.  



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