Every day, you might as well expect something of yours to go missing. In today’s day and age, your friends may steal some of your belongings. It depends on the friends you have, but for me, I have to spend a couple of minutes un-taping my water bottle every day. I honestly don’t mind when my friends take stuff from me, but other people may care.

You never really know what you steal. It may look like a pencil case on the outside, but inside can be something that means a lot to the owner. You never know. And how long are you going to keep it? There’s a huge difference between keeping a pencil for a couple of minutes and keeping it for a day.

It’s not just stealing. Some of my friends (I’m not going to mention them by name) take my phone away from me and disable it for 1-5 minutes. Five minutes can be valuable to one person. You don’t know what’s happening in their life.

And then there are jokes. If you laugh at someone’s opinions, make fun of what they think, question themself, or judge their friends, that could hurt a person. Even if it’s not intentional, it still could affect someone. Even if you think they won’t be bothered because “we’re friends”, think to yourself: Is saying or doing this worth losing a friendship? Think about it: Friendships are fragile. They’re delicate. You don’t want to be losing one over just one nasty comment.

So maybe the next time you’re about to reach for your friend’s pen, think. You never know what’s going to happen.


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