On March 22nd, people say, all of the Roblox servers will shut down forever! This rumor is very popular, and millions of people say that it is true. Even Roblox themselves on Twitter said that it will shut down because of overpopulation, which means “too many people are on it.” Overpopulation isn’t a thing.

Clearly, there are some people that don’t believe this, including myself. I personally think it is a fake rumor that is not telling the truth because Roblox is actually very good that has a lot of people playing it. Moreover, this is definitely fake because perhaps Roblox said this so more people would play it and so they would get a lot more money. Most of the people that don’t think it’s true believe this.

All of those people out there who love to play Roblox, don’t worry; this is just a rumor that it will end on March 23rd, the day they will supposedly “delete Roblox.” Everyone who is reading this should tell everyone that this is all fake and Roblox will always be here. 

Any other game rumors out there? Tell Me.

photo credit: X8129 Gamez


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